Vital for Women Podcast

Episode 3: Polly Lawrence

The Vital for Women Podcast welcomes State Representative Polly Lawrence (R-District 39). Polly has served since 2012, and has also served as an officer and board member of Lawrence Construction, an award-winning construction firm that has operated in Colorado since 1924.

Listen as Polly describes what compelled her to run for office, what she’s learned about the oil and natural gas business since becoming an elected official, and the insights she gained from taking a field tour to an active drilling and fracking site.

Hosted by Lynn Granger
Duration: 9 minutes, 35 seconds

Episode 2: Dana Svendsen

The Vital for Women Podcast welcomes Dana Svendsen, an attorney for Sherman & Howard focusing on workplace safety. Dana is a mother of two and works on issues of health, safety and regulation, primarily in the fields of construction, mining, and oil and natural gas.

Listen as Dana describes a recent field visit to an oil and gas site, what she’s learned about safety and regulatory procedures on location, and the potentially damaging economic impacts of increasing oil and gas setbacks via ballot measure. You can also read an op-ed authored by Dana in the Colorado Springs Gazette: “Initiative 97 would cut education funding.”

Hosted by Lynn Granger
Duration: 9 minutes, 44 seconds

Episode 1: Michelle Smith

Welcome to the first episode of the Vital for Women Podcast featuring Michelle Smith. Michelle is an organic farmer, is a mother and a grandmother, advocates for mineral rights owners in Colorado, and receives royalties from the production of minerals she and her family own. Michelle is also a co-founder of Vital for Women.

Listen as she discusses why she became an organic farmer, how the royalty income from her mineral rights allows her to stay in business, and the potential downfalls of increasing oil and gas setbacks via ballot measure.

Vital for Women Podcast

The Vital for Women Podcast shares the stories of businesswomen from every sector, large and small, who testify to the benefits of abundant, affordable and accessible energy for their business. So, whether you’re a business owner, manufacturer, rancher or any part of the business community, we welcome you to the conversation.

New episodes drop every Tuesday, and are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. 

Host: Lynn Granger, Chief Operating Officer of Colorado Concern
Executive Producer: Debbie Brown of Amplify Strategies
Technical Producer: Jon Ekstrom of Deft Communications.


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