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Jack Hays

CEO and President
Resource West

326 Main Street Suite 230
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Jack Hays is a Colorado native, born and raised in Cameo, Colorado on a farm/ranch.  He raised two daughters as a single father, who both currently attend CSU in Ft Collins, CO.  Jack has over 30 years experience in the Oil Field Service industry.

Jack has been the President and owner of Western Pump and Dredge (WPD) since its inception in 1992. With the core concept of meeting the increasing need for specialized field water management and pumping services to support Drilling, Completion and Production operations. The company has expanded from a “one man” operation in 1992 to over 250 employees, with branch operations in PA, ND and CO.  Jack focuses on the company’s strategic direction as well as the company culture which is entrepreneurial based.

WPD’s core business is Frac Support ™. The concept was to create an entirely new support service to meet the newly created demand for strategic water management, for entire gas and oil fields with high well densities. As well as the new demand for onsite support, specific to providing water for frac jobs on multi well pads. This service concept became relevant in the early 2000’s when multi well pads became economical, primarily as a result of advances in directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology.

Jack is President and owner of Resource West Inc (RWI) established in 2004. RWI was created to manufacture and market high volume evaporation and filtration systems, invented and developed by Jack.  These products/systems are sold to a global market.

Jack serves as executive vice president for the West Slope Oil and Gas association.

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