President | Colorado Alliance of Mineral Rights Owners (CAMRO)

4120 Jackson Street Denver, CO 80216

Mr. Ray served as President of the National Association of Royalty Owners Rockies Chapter 2008-2011. He now serves as the president of the Colorado Alliance of Mineral and Royalty Owners (CAMRO). His family’s royalty and mineral interests lie in several states including Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Utah covering several hundred thousand acres, and over 11,000 oil and gas wells. Mr. Ray’s family has history in the oil and gas industry starting in Colorado in 1917. He has served as the Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Community Colleges and Occupational Education, and has proudly served as a skills judge for the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA). He has also served as a board member of the Scitex Graphics Users Association, and The Newspaper Systems Design Group. For 23 years, he was employed in the Newspaper industry in various management positions, owned a printing company and was president of R&R Research and Development Company. R&R held patents and developed prototypes for a novel two stroke engine, fuel injection system, and supercharging system. R&R also specialized in tool and die design, and pattern making for the aluminum and iron foundry industry.

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