Nation’s Toughest Oil and Gas Rules Get Even Tougher

Board chair: ‘Energy Industry Worked Hard to Find Compromise that Works for Colorado’

DENVER (February 24, 2015) – Governor John Hickenlooper’s task force on oil and gas today recommended changes to oil and gas rules that, if approved, would make the toughest energy rules in the United States even stronger.

The task force moved forward on nine recommendations, seven of which were approved unanimously.

“The task force has proposed making the toughest oil and gas rules in America even more stringent,” said Peter T. Moore, Vital’s board chairman. “But even before the task force could vote, anti-energy industry activists declared the work of the task force a ‘ruse’ and announced their intentions to take a divisive statewide fracking ban to the ballot in 2016.

We’re glad the task force, and the energy industry in particular, continued to work hard to find compromise that works for Colorado, despite activists prematurely declaring defeat and walking away.”

Earlier today, a group called Coloradans Against Fracking announced a campaign to put a statewide ban on fracking on the 2016 ballot.

“Colorado’s patience with these incessant threats of a ballot fight is running thin,” Moore added.

Vital for Colorado is a broad coalition of 35,000 Coloradans, business, civic leaders and trade associations formed to support responsible energy development.  For more information, go to