NEWS RELEASE: ‘Coloradans Against Fracking’ Exposes True Intent of Anti-Industry Groups

‘Coloradans Against Fracking’ Exposes True Intent of Anti-Industry Groups

DENVER (February 24, 2015) – Vital for Colorado, a coalition of 35,000 Coloradans, businesses, civic leaders and trade associations that support the oil and gas industry, today issued the following statement about Coloradans Against Fracking, a new, anti-energy industry group that’s calling for a statewide ban on fracking:

“After months of the governor’s task force on oil and gas earnestly debating this issue, a group, funded by outsiders, is exposing the true, reckless intentions of a fringe element of our politics: They want to ban fracking. It’s that simple. They want to ban the tens of thousands of good-paying jobs that have boosted the economy across the state. They want to ban the industry that not only has invested in schools, libraries and parks in Colorado, but also is driving our country toward the great promise of lasting American energy independence,” said Peter T.  Moore, Vital’s board chairman.

“Colorado already has the most robust regulations governing the oil and gas industry in the country. The governor’s task force is likely to propose making the toughest oil and gas rules in America even more stringent, and the energy industry has signaled its support for a slew of new protections. But this group today makes it clear that even that is not enough. They won’t be satisfied until they’ve strangled Colorado’s economy to meet their extreme agenda.

“Their aim is to prolong the reckless game of ballot blackmail that Colorado narrowly avoided last year. That’s bad for Colorado, bad for our economy and unnecessarily divisive for our state.

“Many of the task force members took on this thankless task with great vigor and a willingness to hear from all sides and consider various viewpoints. We thank them for doing the hard work and coming up with thoughtful recommendations.”

Vital for Colorado is a broad coalition of business and civic leaders formed to support responsible energy development.  For more information, go to