Erie Businesses, Residents Say No to Proposed Fracking Ban



Erie Businesses, Residents Say No to Proposed Fracking Ban

More than 440 Citizens Sign Pledge in Opposition to Wholesale Energy Bans; 15 Local Businesses Sign Letter to Town Trustees in Support of Oil and Gas Industry

ERIE (January 27, 2015)
– Vital for Colorado, a statewide coalition of more than 35,000 supporters of responsible oil and gas development, will issue an open letter to Erie Mayor Tina Harris and the Board of Trustees tonight, asking them to not ban oil and gas development in Erie.

Vital for Colorado also announced today that 442 Erie residents have signed its pro-energy pledge, which opposes any attempt to enact wholesale energy bans or create regulatory chaos by repealing Colorado’s traditional statewide approach to energy regulation.

The letter, which was signed by 15 Erie businesses, acknowledges the economic benefits of the industry on Erie and its schools and asks town trustees to continue using the existing framework of rules to work with oil and gas companies, rather than passing an illegal moratorium on energy development. (See letter below.)

Erie’s Board of Trustees is scheduled to vote tonight on a one-year moratorium on energy development.

“The oil and gas industry has had a positive economic impact on Erie and its many local businesses,” said Peter Moore, chairman of the board of directors of Vital for Colorado. “We understand that industrial development of any kind can present issues, such as a noise and truck traffic, but in Colorado there’s a process that allows local governments to work with energy companies to address such issues. Erie has used that process successfully in the past, and many businesses in Erie are urging town trustees to continue down that path instead of passing a costly and illegal moratorium.

“Why should the citizens of Erie bear the cost of defending a likely lawsuit which the town undoubtedly will lose,” Moore added, noting that three similar efforts in Lafayette, Longmont and Fort Collins were all overturned by the courts.

As of today, more than 34,000 individuals and nearly 1,000 businesses, along with the state’s top chambers of commerce, trade organizations and dozens of public officials, have signed the Vital for Colorado pledge, including 442 Erie residents.

“That’s 442 people in Erie who have stood up to tell the town trustees that one-size-fits-all energy bans are a bad idea and not how we do things in Colorado,” Moore said.

The entire “Seven Principles” pledge, which can be found at, also recognizes the importance of the oil and gas industry to our state’s economy while noting that Colorado already has among the most stringent – and innovative – rules governing the industry in the country.


An Open Letter to Mayor Tina Harris and the Erie Board of Trustees:
We are proud to call Erie our home. As citizens and business leaders, we appreciate all that Erie has to offer, from its beautiful parks and open space to its many local businesses, town events and hometown feel. We’re also proud to support the oil and gas industry, and all of the benefits that it brings to our town.

As you consider possibly passing a one-year moratorium on fracking in Erie, we ask that you consider the following facts:

  • Bans and moratoria on fracking – no matter the length – are illegal in Colorado. Historic case law and three recent court decisions all say local communities cannot ban oil and gas development.
  • The oil and gas industry contributes $29 billion to the state’s economy each year, and provides for more than 100,000 good-paying jobs. We enjoy many of the economic benefits of the industry here in Erie.
  • Our local schools benefit financially from the oil and gas industry, which provides $680 million each year to schools and other public entities, such as parks and libraries, across the state.
  • Unreasonably large setback requirements can constitute a de facto ban on energy development.
  • A process already exists for local governments to work with oil and gas companies, and Erie has done so successfully in the past and we can continue to do so in the future.

We thank you for considering this information when you vote, and we thank you for your time and your ongoing service to the Town of Erie.




Dan Haley
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